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Why the makeup brush hair loss

Why the makeup brush hair loss

Why the makeup brush hair loss

Many pretty women are bothered by the makeup brush hair loss. Today let’s talk about this phenomenon.

  1. For the new makeup bush it’s normal for hair loss, because the brush are 100% handle-made(hand combing, shaping and size), Combing brush hair can remove some of the short hair, but hand combing may be can not removed clean 100%, about 3 to 5 hairs loss is normal. For this phenomenon after you got the new brush you could washing to resolve.

However, large quantity hair loss over a long period of time is definitely a quality problem.

  1. Animals hair brush like human hair have scales, use alkaline and poor quality lotion can cause scales break. Finally causing the scales to fall off, making the internal structure of the hair core brittle and breakable.
  2. Washing is incorrect, A whole brush entire into warm water can lead to degumming, doing as below photos.

We will write some articles about how to cleaning makeup brush in future

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