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The Cosmetics Brush Shape And Functions

The Cosmetics Brush Shape And Functions

The Cosmetics Brush Shape And Functions

About the cosmetic brush shape we need to focus on the shape and size of the brush head

Use the right brush can let our work more effective, makeup more better and nature

Brush shape can be roughly divided into the follow types:

Foundation brush

We commonly use below shape brushes and now the latest oval foundation brush. Cosmetics liquid cream, BB cream, liquid foundation we are not suggest use Animals hair mostly use synthetic fiber,


These three brushes generally use top quality goat hair, between them many of the requirements are the same: the bristles soft and loose, grab powder, makeup natural. So makeup beginner can use one brush for Blusher, Powder, Contour

Eye shadow brush

Shadow brush shape types have so many on the market.Commonly brush shape as below:

But I think this three need mostly: the large eyeshadow brush ,medium brush and eye blending brush

Eyeshadow brush can use horse hair. Grab powder stronger, coloring good


Eye liner brush

Since the eyeliner is a brush that needs to control the angle and direction, the bristles should not be too soft, and it is easier to control the strength by being harder. So generally use Synthetic fiber

Eyebrow brush

Eyebrow brush we is hook type and coloring, so the brush materials will not soft too, generally use synthetic and nylon


Concealer brushes and lip brushes are similar in size and shape. Common concealer brushes on the market have a tongue shape and a fiery head shape. Use synthetic fiber

Lip brush

Lip brushes are generally small in area, and the important thing is their material, because the requirement is to clearly outline and coloring. Material will be harder, more convenient to take the paste, artificial fiber will be more resistant to oil and washable

After look this article do you know how to use and buying the cosmetic brushes?

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