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Do you know the makeup brush hair materials

Do you know the makeup brush hair materials

Do you know the makeup brush hair materials

Today let talk about the makeup brushes hairs, there have many many materials for the brushes hair. Do you know what deference between them? Goat hair, Squirrel hair and Weasel hair both of them are Animals hair why the price deference is so big?

The comparison of common materials:

  1. Synthetic: better for sensitive skin, no smell of animal hair, not afraid of water and grease, more washable, so most of the foundation brush, eyeliner brush, lip brush are synthetic fiber hair.
  2. Goat hair: Commonly materials, Good for blooming、grabbing powder、coloring
  3. Horse hair: Quality is more than the Goat hair soft, Generally used for eye shadow brush. Grab powder, good color.
  4. Squirrel hair: Soft than mink, texture is creamy, makeup more nature. Suitable for large areas makeup brush, like powder brush.
  5. Weasel & Mink hair: Good elasticity, like fiber hair is very suitable for liquid cream! coloring more than synthetic. Usually used in Lip brushes, eye shadow brushes, eyebrow brushes
  6. Nylon: The most hard, usually used in eyelash brush and eyebrow brush

But it does not mean that the animal hair is better than synthetic. Like the liquid cosmetics must be used synthetic, because the synthetic are stronger for liquids and pastes. because Harder, it is more better for sketching small shapes.

A suitable makeup brush will make your makeup more exquisite!

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