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Do you know how to choose foundation brush?

Do you know how to choose foundation brush?

Do you know how to choose foundation brush?

Foundation brush is mostly used for paint the liquid foundation. Many professional makeup masters use foundation brush to face foundation. It is because with foundation brush will be more translucent, and makeup more nature.

So how to choose a good foundation brush?

During purchase, pay attention to the following points:

1.First the brush head

Foundation brush head is flat, vertical and flexible. The bristles should not be too soft. Cause too soft not good for paint the liquid foundation. Need be harder, can make the foundation more conform to the skin.

2.The important is brush hair

The bristles should be plump and thick, so that can make the liquid foundation close to the skin and cover the blemishes. And can easily paint the liquid foundation. The width of the high-quality foundation brush bristles is about 4cm, And the length of The bristles is 5-6cm. Bristles must be stepped, the longest bristles in central and shorter bristles on the outside, the trapezoidal bristles make the liquid foundation quickly conform with the skin, invisible pores, and fine skin. Let the liquid foundation release strong Function.

General foundation brush choose synthetic fiber, Synthetic brush easy paint liquid foundation, high ductility and washable

3.Then select the handle

The handle of the brush is sleek in the middle and slightly more on the top. This handle is more comfortable to use and feels fuller and does not slide easily.

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