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Beginner makeup tutorial

Beginner makeup tutorial

Beginner makeup tutorial

  1. Concealer Brush: Concealer is the first step, flat and thin brush head, effectively cover the eye dark circles and facial blemishes, concealer effect is excellent.

Reminder: Use a concealer brush to grab the concealer cream and lightly press on blemishes, and then press it gently, which is much more                      convenient than a finger!

  1. Foundation brush: Can make the makeup look very thin and nature. Can delicately mix liquid foundation or cream to create a light and translucent foundation.

Tips: After moisturizing the skin, use it evenly brushed with bright satin liquid foundation, pay attention to the corners of the eyes, nose, chin and          other easily neglected positions.

  1. Angled eyebrow brush: Its bristles are carefully combined to form a special angle, which can create a variety of exquisite lines. Suitable for drawing eyeliner, lip line and eyebrow.

Tips: Use it to draw eyebrows shape and then use eyebrows powder,perfect eyebrow makeup have finised done!

  1. Blending brush to create eye makeup can not be less! Easy to colors, texture close and detailed, color, blend eye shadow at onece.

Tips: After the entire eye socket is marked with a base color, apply a dark eyeshadow on the folds of the eyelid, make the eye makeup clear and            finally use a brush to smudge the color to create a natural and delicate makeup.

  1. Lip Brush: Select a brush with a smooth, tough and texture to create a beautiful lip line.

Tips: Use a lip brush to lightly dip the lipstick, drawing on the lip shape, and finally drawing the middle position of lip. Full lips are instantly    displayed!

  1. Blush / powder brush can be applied to any powder products! The blusher that is brushed out of it perfectly fits the skin, leaving the cheeks glow.

Tip: Use the blusher brush dipped in blush powder, light off the excess dust and then makeup, Several times and less powder makeup. Can be        used as a powder brush or contour brush.

So for beginner only need 8 to 12 makeup brush set can be finished well !


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