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A beginner’s guide for makeup tools

A beginner’s guide for makeup tools

A beginner’s guide for makeup tools

Hey girls, I know your makeup bag is bursting with kind of makeup, but do you know to get the most out of your cosmetics collection? First you need the right tools for the job. Take your makeup application to the next level.


Makeup brushes

Professional makeup brushes exist to help us apply and blending colors to create different makeup looks. When it comes to makeup brushes, hoard them like pirate treasure! Buy as many different brushes as you can comfortably afford. You’ll use your brushes every day, and you won’t regret having a variety from which to choose.


Makeup brush design varies across brands and according to function. Brush heads may be made from natural fibers like a squirrel (yes, squirrel), goat, sable, or horse hair, while others are made from synthetic fibers. Don’t be afraid to experiment with a variety of brushes made from fibers.


Face Brushes

We use them to apply foundation, concealer, powders, and blush.


Foundation Brush: Used to apply foundation to the face and typically made from synthetic fibers. Most foundation brushes have a small, rounded brush head shaped like a tiny spatula.


Concealer Brush: Concealer brushes look like mini foundation brushes. Being smaller than foundation brushes makes them better suited for covering blemishes or for applying liquid concealers in hard to reach places like the corners of the eyes.


Powder Brush: With a large, fluffy brush heads and soft bristles, powder brushes are ideal for applying loose powder to the face.


Blush Brush: They resemble smallish powder brushes with either a sloped or rounded tip. Great for applying blush or bronzer to cheeks.


Buffing Brush: These are great for smoothing out your makeup for a flawless finish.


Eye Brushes

There are lots of eye brushes to choose which is a blessing for brush hoarders but a curse for makeup newbies. there have;


Eyebrow Brush: Eyebrow brushes have firm, angled brush heads like the tip of a marker. Use them to apply powders, creams or waxes to brows.


Eyeshadow Brush: Not as stiff as an eyebrow brush, eyeshadow brushes have square heads used to evenly apply both powder and cream shadows to eyelids. I reach for this brush so often that I might as well have it permanently attached to my hand! Expect to use these a lot. I like to buy various sizes. Some I use for the crease, others for my lid.


Blending Brush: Like the name implies, blending brushes are used to blend different colored products and to wipe out harsh lines. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Not as firm as eyeshadow brush heads, the heads of blending brushes are usually tapered. This will be your second staple brush (behind your eyeshadow brush).


Crease Brush: Fluffy and soft, crease brush heads come in several different shapes, from thin and tapered to round and fluffy. The shape you choose will depend on personal preference than anything else. Look for a brush head that feels soft against your eyelid and fits into the hollow of your eye.


Lip Brushes

At one time or another, most of us have applied lipstick straight from the tube. However, when you feel like rocking a deep, dark scarlet or a bright matte fuschia, a lip brush is the only way to go. It provides more control .


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